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Clean, Healthy, Comfortable Heating for Your Family

Infrared radiant heating panels are an innovative home heating technology that creates a luxurious, sun-like warmth, with an even temperature throughout the room from floor to ceiling.

Gentle Heat – While it is difficult to describe in words, customers rave about the gentle, quiet, direct heat from our panels that is exceedingly comfortable.  Without air blowing over you from a forced air system or other convection heaters, you simply feel warm and cozy.

High Indoor Air Quality – By eliminating ducts, filters, and dry forced airInfrared panels offer the best possible indoor air quality. These panels provide a clean, healthy heat without odors, flames, or forced air.  They do not circulate airborne particles and contaminants like allergens, germs, viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and other pollutants.

No Drafts or Cold Spots – While convection heating systems, including baseboards, wall heaters, and forced air systems, typically have cold spots and are “drafty”, Infrared panels provide an even temperature throughout the room from floor to ceiling so you are comfortable from your feet to the top of your head.

Prevent Mold & Mildew – Infrared panels also prevent unwanted humidity that causes mold and mildew to grow.

Infrared radiant heating panels on ceiling of family kitchen
Infrared panel on ceiling of family kitchen

Infrared Heating Demystified

LCM far infrared radiant panels provide a gentle and comfortable heat just like sunshine. Contrary to what many believe, heat does not rise! Hot air rises, which is why central forced air systems, baseboard or wall heaters using convective heating waste energy by creating hot air which rises to the ceiling then falls as cold air. (See “Energy Retrofit” blog) LCM far infrared radiant panels do not rely on hot air, but rather directly heat people and objects in a room. What’s more they are safe and healthy – they promote dust, allergen, and bacteria-free air through avoiding the unpleasant dry breeze of convection heating.

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