This past year has taught us much about preventative measures and viruses. According to professionals, COVID-19 variants and other viruses are inevitable. Infrared heating panels have a distinct advantage to all convection and forced air systems. Airborne viruses and contaminants can’t move through the air with nothing to move the air around. Because infrared panels don’t need to cycle air to heat a room, this type of heating prevents transmission. Infrared heating is perfect for hospitals, walk-in clinics, and dental offices. If prevention is the best medicine then infrared heating is better than air purification at any level.

IR Heating Health Wellness - woman feeling sun on her face
Infrared heating does not heat and circulate air preventing virus and contagion mobility


IR Heating Health Wellness - Equestrian Applications
Infrared Panel in Horse Stall

IR Heating Health & Wellness Applied to Horses

If you love your horse, treat them to a luxury that million-dollar racehorses are accustomed to. And the best part is that it costs less than heating the stable using conventional heaters. Infrared heat reflects off surfaces and is absorbed by everything that your horse touches keeping his surroundings warm. The heat also soothes your giant friends’ muscles warming them gently and evenly. All the known benefits of IR heat that applies to human physiology is also very healthy for your horses. Increased circulation, virus protection, and faster healing from muscle and tendon strains or injuries.

IR Heating Health Wellness is not just for humans. Some of North America’s elite stables have noticed happier and healthier horses and even attribute IR heating to better race results!

IR panels from LCM are also very safe for barns and stables and are easily converted running of 120 volts A/C. Even the driest straw, hey, or paper, can be placed right against the panel with no chance of catching fire.

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Spas & Fitness

Infrared Panels On Cieling at Yoga Studio
Infrared Panels On Cieling at Yoga Studio

Infrared Ceiling Panels Perfect for Hot Yoga

IR Panels are perfect for yoga studio’s, gyms, and indoor pools. Evenly distributed radiant heat without the need to distribute air filled with bacteria and viruses. With IR Heating your health wellness benefits from all the surfaces in the room being warm including vinyl matts and yoga balls.

IR Heating Health Wellness - Yoga

Neurological Disorders

Far ID Used As Pain Relief
Far ID Used As Pain Relief

“I discovered the benefits of Infrared Heating Panels on my damaged nervous system.”

“Since an accident 16 years ago that left me a quadriplegic I have endured a form of neurologic pain, a burning and tingling sensation in my skin. There are medications that help, but a side-effect of them is drowsiness. Therefore, in order to enjoy life without constantly being tiered I balance the amount of these medications I take. This means never completely getting rid of the irritating feeling in my skin. I noticed early on that the feeling was worse in the winter or after swimming or showering. In general, cold plays havoc with a damaged nervous system. I started spending time in the sun when it was warm enough (I live in Southern Ontario) and found it helped considerably!”

“Recently a friend loaned me their Infrared Heating Panel and explained that it outputs the same Far Infrared light and heat as the sun, without the harmful ultraviolet light that causes burns. It gently, and gradually heated me and objects in the room. I Quickly felt the same relief I get from sunbathing right there in my lazy-boy chair. Later I tried it in my bathroom, and after my showers I did not feel the extreme contrast of the cold air as all the tile, countertop, and walls, were all warm and radiating heat. This winter I will be installing a few of these panels in my home. I recommend this product for anyone who benefits neurologically from the heat of the sun. They truly bring the warmth of the sun inside your home.”

– Alan Merswolke (IR Panel User)