Infrared Panel | wall or ceiling mount | plug-in or hard wired


The LCM Infrared Radiant Heating Panel is a low profile out-of-the-box-heating-solution for heating any room!  LCM’s Infrared Panel Heater offers the ultimate hassle-free heating solution. The combination of unmatched comfort, superior efficiency, and the highest quality components.

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This is a frameless panel made from a powder-coated aluminum emitting surface and incorporates our highly efficient long-life heating element. All panels are designed and built to last a lifetime and each panel is quality inspected and fully tested. You can wall or ceiling mount any panel. When wall or ceiling mounted, you have the option to plug the units into a standard 120V mains outlet or opt for professional installation allowing for thermostatic control.

  • Aluminum construction with a powder coated finish
  • The world’s thinnest plug-in-ready radiant heating panel @ 1/2″ / 1.27 cm
  • Three sizes: 24″x24″x1.75″/ 400 watts | 24″x48″x1.75″ / 800 watts | 41″x41″x1.75″ / 1,100 watts
  • Surface temperature of 215F
  • A fraction of the energy of a space heater and twice the comfort!
  • Permanent or portable installation
  • Wall or ceiling mount installation
  • Paintable using acrylic wall paint
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in The Netherlands

How much heat do I need?

  • Supplemental: ceiling 3 – 5 watts/sq.ft. wall 6-8 watts/sq.ft
  • Primary: ceiling 6 – 8 watts/sq.ft.  wall 10-12 watts/sq. ft.
  • Yoga Studio: ceiling only 15 – 30 watts/sq.ft.

Additional information

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24″x24″x .5″ 400 watts, 24″x48″x .5″ 800 watts, 41″x41″x .5″ 1,100 watts


120, 240