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Questions and Answers About Infrared Panels

What Is Far-Infrared Heating?

Far-Infrared heating works like the Sun, the most effective source of natural heat. Imagine how cold you feel when you stand in the shade on a winters day but when you step into the sun, you immediately feel the warmth on your face, even though the air temperature has not changed. This is the Far-infrared rays warming your body.

Can I touch the Infrared Panel Heater when it is on?

No. The surface temperature of the Infrared Panel Heater will reach up to 91°C degrees so we do not recommend that you touch it while in use. The back of the Infrared Panel Heater is insulated and sits approximately 1 inch away from your wall or ceiling making it safe and efficient.

Will installing Infrared Panel Heaters be expensive?

No. The panels can be hard wired into the electric circuit, or you can just simply plug it in, so no expensive plumbing, boiler or ducting to install!

You can mount your Infrared Panel Heater on the ceiling or the wall which is as simple as putting up a flat screen TV.

How many Infrared Panel Heaters will I need to heat my home?

This will depend on many variables including the amount of rooms you need to heat, how large they are, insulation, the ceiling height & position of the heaters within the room. For our climate in Canada, we start at 10 watts per square foot, then factor in the home’s unique characteristics. Typically, a 150 square foot room would have a 1500-watt heater.

Why is Radiant Heating More Efficient Than Other Heating Methods?

Heat does not rise, it is energy.  Heated matter such as air rises. Heat is directed at the objects and people where it is required and does not rise to the ceiling as with other methods. Warm floors mean comfort at lower thermostat settings. That is how we can mount heating panels in the ceiling and the heat energy warms the floor, the floor then warms the air.

Additionally, Radiant Heating provides fast heat recovery from doors opening and closing. As building surfaces (starting with floors) are warm, temperatures are recovered faster after doors have been opened. Because heat is created at the floor, ceiling temperatures are lower, reducing heat loss through the roof. The benefits of radiant heating abound and vary according to application.

How Does Far-Infrared heating work?

Far-infrared heating emits harmless rays which will directly warm the solid objects in the room like you, the floor, and the furniture. The rays are absorbed by  solid objects and the heat is then emitted back into the room in an even and consistent level to ensure an equal spread of heat. This is how the sun heats the earth, it is the oldest and most efficient use of energy to heat objects that then those objects evenly heat the air.

Convectional heating relies on the circulation of air to warm the room. When the air gets warm, it rises which forces the cooler air downwards causing a cycle. This is why the air can feel warm but you still have cold feet! Unlike convection heating, far-infrared heating does not require air in order to circulate the warmth around the room so is far more efficient. 70% more efficient from just that one point!

Where can I use my Infrared Panel Heaters?

Infrared Panel Heaters are suitable for any indoor area that needs to be warm. They are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways and even bathrooms. They are also ideal for businesses, offices, commercial premises, shops, warehouses, schools, hospitals, trailers, workshops, horse barns etc.

What savings can I expect?

You can save from 50-64% over baseboard heating. They are far more efficient since they are not heating air directly. They Heat all objects in the room, floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, fido, and you. When these objects are warmer than the air, the heat is absorbed by the surrounding air. When you have a warm floor and furniture, you do not require as warm of an air temperature. The heating panels typically only run 6 hours a day, just topping off the collected heat in the entire room. They are unaffected by drafts, since far-infrared waves pass right through air molecules until they find an object to heat up.

Are Far-infrared heating panels safe?

Absolutely! Far-Infrared heating panels are UL listed and approved. They meet all Canadian safety standards. Far infrared radiation is produced at 91 Celsius. Paper ignites at 233c (Fahrenheit 451). They are safe to mount high up on walls and ceilings leaving more usable space on the floor for furniture placement. They have no moving parts to break. They do not give off any visible light so they operate at much cooler temperatures than Low intensity radiant heaters.

Why Is Far-Infrared Heating Healthier?

The far-infrared rays which are emitted from an infrared panel, actually heat the room and not the air, which reduces air movement in the room which in turn reduces the circulation of dust, spores and bacteria, making it an ideal solution for allergy suffers. They do not release any emissions, chemicals or pollutants, they are carbon neutral and help keep the air in your home clean and safe.

They provide therapeutic relief; our panel heaters produce radiant heat waves that feels like having the warmth of the sun in your home. The human body is made up of mostly water, that is why far-infrared heat transfers effectively and can help gently increase blood circulation, rid the body of toxins and even provide pain relief. Far-infrared waves are deeply penetrating and are excellent in basements to eliminate dampness, mold and spores.

Where can I put my Infrared Panel Heaters within my room?

They can be mounted on the ceiling or the wall. Due to their stylish design, they are unobtrusive and will blend in with your furniture so you won´t even notice they are there! They come in many colors, and you can have pictures printed on them so they look like artwork.

Do I get a warranty with my Infrared Panel Heater?

Yes. For peace of mind, you get a manufacturer´s lifetime guarantee! This is unheard of in any other heating system. Once installed, there is no maintenance required, since there are no moving parts. Cheaper brands available typically come with a 1-3 year warranty.

Is Far-Infrared Safe?

Far-Infrared radiation will not pose any health risk to people or animals. The sun generates far infrared radiation which warms objects on earth such as land, water forests and us. As objects heat up, they in turn heat up the air around them. Far infrared is natural and earths primary heat source. It is at the other end of the light spectrum opposite from ultraviolet radiation which is what causes sunburns and skin cancer. We absorb and give off far-infrared radiation.

Far infrared has been shown to have health benefits. It helps to increase circulation, flexibility, detoxification, pain relief and other benefits. This is why it is popular in far-infrared saunas, gyms and sport medicine. The heating panels give you the same warm feeling as being outside on a sunny day.